6 months ago
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got one step closer to getting my trainers license tonight. yayyy

6 months ago
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yes i did apply for the dover saddlery visa credit card..

i can’t help myself.

7 months ago
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I painted my nails and now I can’t get a snack or change the laundry. I didn’t think this one through.

8 months ago
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so my grandma made me a promise that if I start studying for my trainers license again and pass the test she’ll buy me a plane ticket to go down to florida and visit my trainer for a week or two (depending on how long I can get off of work) either this year or next year, probably next year because my trainer will be coming back up here again for the spring/summer.

eating away my feelings because i can.

I can’t do this. I can’t listen to the fighting. I want to go home. 

9 months ago
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that very awkward moment when I indirectly cause my boyfriend’s parents to fight. 

uhm.. maybe I should just go back home because he’s not even here so I’m just hiding away in his room listening to them argue.

i told myself i would never be in one of these relationships. i would never let anyone control me and tell me what i could or couldn’t do, and who i could or couldn’t see. 

look where it got me. i almost lost everything because of it. the thing that hurts the most is i fucking gave him everything and he threw it back in my face.

I just want to feel happy again.

.. love how I can’t even be feeling sad and down without being accused of keeping something from him. 

i want to go back in time.